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Our Business
Our principal activity is to operate an online marketplace that introduces consumers and businesses to search the Internet for advertisers who provide products, services and information.

R2 Systems Profitable Process
Revenue generated from;
1. Search engine advertisement on search results pages
2. Search directory listing
3. Banner ad
4. License fee to offer search directory to other party portal site as a third party directory
Our Mission
R2 Systems mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessiblel. No matter what your industry, no matter where your operations are located, Here is internet! We can help your every business found by prospective consumers through our skills and experience.

Fundamental Philosophy.

1. Promote from within whenever possible.
2. Provide an environment in which people can excel based on shared values, open communications and shared learning.
3. Recognize achievement and reward performance.
4. Provide equal opportunity and respect the cultural diversity of R2's people.
5. Grow and expand our core businesses.
6. Excel in the introduction of products that meet consumer needs.
7. Consider acquisition opportunities consistent with our growth and profit objectives.
8. Strive for excellence as defined by our internal and external customers.

9. Communicate in an honest, factual and accurate manner.
10. Encourage R2's people to participate in community programs and invest company resources, human and financial, in organizations

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