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Industry: Search Engine and Web Directory Advertisement Business

Our search engine business model is primarily designed for advertisements. For example, Yahoo! Inc. is a provider of Internet services to consumers and businesses through the Yahoo! Search. During 2003, Yahoo! completed the acquisitions of Inktomi Corporation and Overture Services, Inc. in March and October, respectively.

Both search engines operate as commercial listing/search engine advertising companies. In other words, they provide search results and displayed advertisements on the search results, themselves. Thanks to commercial search operations, gRevenue excluding traffic acquisition costs, or eTAC,f related to its commercial search business, reached $785 million for the quarter and $2.6 billion for the year (source:

In short, this activity means that commercial engines offer profitable opportunities for astonishing growth in the Internet marketplace. This search advertisement process is the most profitable way for search engine companies to operate. This search engine industry is known as: Sponsored search, commercial search, and search advertisement. As market forces go, search advertisement is by far the most profitable way that search engine companies can generate income.

Model: Search engine marketplace

Our principal activity is to operate an online marketplace that introduces consumers and businesses to searching the Internet for advertisers who provide products, services, and information that specifically meet detailed criteria presented by our searching users.

Our services are comprised of advertiser's listings on our search results, which are screened for relevance and accessed by consumers and businesses. The advertisers include retail merchants, wholesale and service businesses, product manufacturers, and a host of other business types that do commerce via the World Wide Web.

Advertisers pay a fee to our portal site each time a consumer clicks on the advertisers Web site listings. We help customers find relevant search listings for information, products, and services. To accomplish this feat in the Japanese language requires the utmost in dedication to meeting our clientsf specific Japanese-based language needs and requirements.

Currently, almost no companies exist with such a business objective and even fewer operate toward reaching that objective. In other words, R2 Systems is entering this very specific and detailed segment at a time when the demand for such services far outpaces (and continues to grow at a blistering rate) supply.
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